Branding and Concept
Chanel No.5 is today considered one of the world’s most talked about and iconic perfumes. It came to revolutionize an entire perfume industry, but above all the way women smelled. Coco Chanel wanted to create a feminine perfume for the “modern woman” with the goal to change the perfume scene.

I started to explore Chanel as a brand and how they work with form and communication in different contexts, mainly their fashion shows. They challenge themselves, surprise and fascinate in a way that feels completely natural to Chanel. I saw the opportunity to create a concept that felt unique and strange but at the same time in line with something that they could do themselves.

CHANNEL 5 is an interpretation of Chanel No.5 where the perfume is placed in a different context to give it a whole new look. In its simple form, a television channel that acts design and communication outward for the classic perfume. The shape of the bottle remains untouched with a new label that, with the help of AR (AUGMENTED REALITY) technology, gives us a captivating story of the world’s most iconic perfume.