Graphic Designer
Stockholm, Sweden 
BFA in Visual Communication @ Beckmans College of Design


A visual documentation developed from the isolating apprehension in which I study travel in my hometown. How do I find stimulus and gain new impressions at a time of isolation and closed borders? I feel indifferent. At a time when it is not possible to travel, like most people, i have been isolated which has given 

rise to anxiety, claustrophobia, a lack of stimulus and loneliness. How can I interrupt the everyday pattern of life and achieve the mental stimulus I would otherwise gain from travelling? Travel provides us with a nuanced picture of the world and increases our empathy with regard to other people.

In this project I wanted to study the extent to which I, in a secure manner, can travel at this moment. What would be the emotional difference for me and can I at all place myself in the mental state of travelling when it takes place in familiar environments. With the focus on impressions and feelings that I have found in the moment, I have charted various impulses and changes of mood during the journey. The idea is to get as close as possible to the feeling of travelling and the approach to travelling in general.

Thanks to: Joel Udd, Eric Ericson, Albin Johansson, Carin Juborg, The Store.

I am a concept driven graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist working in and between the fields of digital design and art direction. I am open for work, get in touch! Thanks for stopping by!

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