Graphic Designer
Stockholm, Sweden
BFA in Visual Communication @ Beckmans College of Design


Play With Earth visualizes the most sensitive ecosystems and climate systems that are approaching irreversible turning points. The visitor is invited to play the classic maze game where the game board is designed as a topographic map with different height levels where the holes represent our most critical tipping points, and the ball represents our globe.
It's about the survival of the earth and finding a balance in the game, without reaching a goal. Tipping points justify caution. Can you keep your balance to save the planet?

Beijer Institute’s research focuses on identifying reinforcing effects, unexpected connections and possible tipping points in the climate. It is not about individual tipping points but the relationship between these. This can easily be explained by a situation where the climate system passes a point where a new equilibrium enters. Even if the effect after this diminishes or ceases, the system will not return to the original equilibrium but to the new one. This can be likened to a ball on a dented path. The system changes disproportionately to before.

Exhibited a Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm, Sweden. In collaboration with Beijer Institute.

I am a concept driven graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist working in and between the fields of digital design and art direction. I am open for work, get in touch! Thanks for stopping by!

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